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Anxiety disorder is a very exhausting and overburdening mental disease. Anxiety is a normal body reaction to the possible threat that sets off ‘fight and flight’ protection system. However, if worrying is inadequate and excessive, it might become a problem. People suffering from ongoing stress and panicky conditions or attacks are bereft of composure and experience exaggerated worry about future situations. They focus on something ‘disastrous’ is going to happen and fail to relax. Psychological discomfort, rumination, fidgety, anticipation of misfortune become a ‘common’ condition for some patients. In fact, nervousness runs down your mental and physical potential making you dwell on negative thoughts. Everyday situations literally throw anxiety sufferers off the balance. Psychological and emotional distress is accompanied by severely unpleasant physical symptoms: sweating, tingling, trembling, dizziness, severe palpitations, In complicated cases, periodic panic seizures terribly exacerbate situation: a person may experience a harsh surge of dread along with unfounded racing heart and choking.

Only complex systematic approach yields long-lasting firm results in treating generalized anxiety disorder GAD, social anxiety distress, phobic conditions and attacks. The process of curing involves both patient’s efforts and professional help. Self-help remedies, consulting licensed healthcare practitioners may be not enough to fight off an illness efficiently. A doctor may prescribe a medication course. Medicine typically used for treating anxiety symptoms involves antidepressants, anxiolytics, and beta-blockers.

BuSpar (BuSpar Dividose or Vanspar) is an anti-anxiety medicine with proven efficacy. This drug has a wide spectrum of action. It helps to reduce short-term stress symptoms and concerns relieving lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat, fear, irritability, jitteriness, staggers, distractibility, fatigability, furrowed brows, seizures and eyelid twitches, feeling restless, sweating and trembling. Such somatic disorder manifestations as muscle tension, chest pain, dizziness, stomachaches, nausea, abdominal distress, spasms, and diarrhea are blocked under BuSpar impact. Treatment with buspirone fully restores nervous system. Although the precise mechanism of action is not clear, it is assumed that buspirone tablets affect specific chemical substances the brain cells use to relay information. Imbalance of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin can cause panic and stress disorders. Medication for anxiety treatment raises the level of these chemicals. Thus, preoccupation thoughts and feelings are replaced with contentment.

Take this drug orally 2 or 3 times a day adhering to your doctor’s directions. You may take it regardless of meals, but it is vital to stick to one and the same way in order not to change an absorbed amount of active component. The recommended dose is 15 mg. It may be slowly increased by no more than five mg per one day. Patients should take this drug in a persistent manner; if you happen to miss a dose, try to take it as soon as possible. The therapeutic response becomes apparent in 4-6 weeks, treatment course may be prolonged up to one year with obligatory reassessments.

Patients should consult their doctor before taking up medication course. Inform a doctor pharmacist if you were taking MAOIs or any other antidepressants within last 2 weeks or if BuSpar brings on an allergic reaction. Note that only a specialist can decide whether buspirone passes to your diagnosis. This drug is contraindicated for those who have liver or kidney diseases or failures.

In scientific trials there was no evidence found that buspirone treatment induces either tolerance, physical or psychological addiction. Nevertheless, abrupt termination of taking BuSpar causes a syndrome of withdrawal and may increase anxiety symptoms. That’s why it is critical to withdraw patients in a gradual manner. Side effects including drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, headaches, trouble sleeping, racing heart, breath shortness, itching or rashes may occur. In case any of these side effects become noticeable, inform your doctor immediately to avoid anxiety impairment. Sometimes, patients develop shakiness, muscle tremor or stiffness or tardive dyskinesia.

On our website, you can buy online BuSpar (buspirone hydrochloride) without prescription. Still, you need to keep in mind that anti-anxiety drugs should be taken only under the careful supervision of a specialist. Uncontrolled medication treatment may lead to serious or even fatal consequences.

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Buy Cheap Neurontin Online

Medical applications

In case of the convulsions and for neuropathic pain medical attention on our website you can order Online Neurontin Gabapentin. Many scientists found Gabapentin effective The medication is often prescribed for many diseases. Neurontin may cause right, effective medical care to anxiety disorders, insomnia, bipolar disorder. Gabapentin structure is similar to gamma-aminobutyric acid; medical Studies have shown that Gabapentin is not bound by GABA-receptors, so the medication is not a GABA-mimetic. It does not interact with benzodiazepine, glutamate, strychnine-sensitive receptors. The course of medication acts on specific central nervous system centers, which have no affinity for other antiepileptic drugs.

The drug blocks fear, pain and anxiety attack effectively. It is possible because medication blocks the calcium entry into the cell, which is significant in the neuropathic pain occurrence. Under its influence, the glutamate-dependent death of neurons decreases, and the Gaba synthesis increases.

Gabapentin Online is available in capsules for oral use, which you can take regardless of food intake. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

For the epilepsy medical attention and neuropathic pain, Gabapentin monotherapy is first prescribed at a 300 mg. This dose is then gradually increased until the desired effect is achieved. The patient can take 3600 mg of Gabapentin maximum per day, which should be divided into several daily courses of medication. Further dosage correction occurs very gradually – within a week the therapeutic dose is reduced or the drug is replaced by another alternative.

The patients with excretory system pathologies can buy Gabapentin. The drug dose is adjusted downwards. Also, change the amount of the drug received by the elderly and patients on hemodialysis.

Order Gabapentin for pain

There is medical research evidence which concluded that Gabapentin medication provides pain relief in 10% of patients who take it for fibromyalgia. A much stronger drug result is achieved with postherpetic neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy. The approach can reduce the number of opioid applications in the post-operation period. The pills can be useful in severe pain syndromes due to cancer diseases and their specific therapy.

Buy Gabapentin for anxiety disorders

Medical scientists have found that Gabapentin was effective for bipolar disorder social anxiety disorder, panic, and generalized anxiety disorder. The growing medical specialist’s interests have shown that Gabapentin therapeutics is useful in the concomitant anxiety disorder in bipolar disease medical attention, but it is not capable of dodging the bipolar disorder anxiety state. The patients can take the course of medication in the case of acquired pendulum nystagmus, children’s nystagmus, but it is entirely useless as the basic medical care for periodic variable nystagmus. It is useful in the case of hot flashes, as a means of increasing the pain threshold and diminishing spasticity in multiple sclerosis.

Taking Gabapentin can diminish the alcohol abstinence symptoms, but it can not be used in case of seizures. As a supporting agent in attempts to quit smoking, gabapentin drug shows very contradictory results. Gabapentin treatment helps and is very effective with renal failure – uremic pruritus. The Gabapentin tablets showed a good effect in the tired legs syndrome treatment; it is sufficient for insomnia.

Gabapentin treating is not effective if it is the only medication which is prescribed as a treatment for bipolar disorder mood stabilization. There is sufficient evidence to recommend its use in the case of obsessive compulsive psychological disease and the resistant depression therapy.

Pharmacological effect

The medication was initially been synthesized to repeat the chemical structure of the gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), but it is believed that the drug affects a much more comprehensive range of different receptors in the brain.

One of the medication features is interaction with tight, closed calcium channels. The drug molecules bind to the subunit α2δ (1 and 2), which leads to a decrease in calcium flux in the case of chronic but not acute use by the restoration result in the potential-dependent calcium channels of the central nervous system. The ability to stop the new synapses formation – is another significant possible treatment mechanism of the drug action.


The drug bioavailability is not proportional to the dose; the result is achieved by 2-3 hours; the food does not affect the pharmacokinetics, which does not change after repeated admission. The half-life is 6-7 hours. It does not bind to blood proteins and is excreted by the kidneys. The drug removal is reduced for aged people and in violation of kidney function, so this category of patients need a dose adjustment.

Action Mechanics

The anticonvulsant action mechanism has not been fully reported. The Gabapentin medication chemical structure is similar to the endogenous neurotransmitter GABA; it has not been shown as a linkage to GABA receptors at concentrations equal to or below 1000 μm. Gabapentin modulated the action of glutamate decarboxylase and branched chain aminotransferase – two enzymes involved in the GABA biosynthesis.

The medication participation in interaction with calcium, sodium ion channels or L-type channels was not found, which is usually achieved by conventional anticonvulsants such as phenytoin, carbamazepine and sodium valproate. Other neurophysiological data show that gabapentin does not interact with glutamate, glycine or serotonin receptors, which further distinguishes its anticonvulsant mechanism from the action of standard antiepileptic drugs.

Neurontin side effects

For adults, neurontin can cause dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, weight gain, extremities peripheral edema. The medication for anxiety and pain can provoke sexual malfunction. The sexual malfunction symptoms consist of: loss of libido, inability to achieve orgasm, erectile dysfunction. Gabapentin treatment should be used cautiously with patients with the renal insufficiency because of possible accumulation in the body, the toxicity development due to this.


-acute pancreatitis;

-hypersensitivity to the drug;

-intolerance to galactose or impaired absorption of glucose and galactose;

-age up to 3 years with focal epileptic seizures;

-age up to 12 years with postherpetic neuralgia;


Special instructions

It is a significant moment to control whole anxiety therapy process with the help of your doctor. If you stop the drug therapy, the dose reduction should be carried out gradually (for 1-2 weeks), since the therapy cessation can provoke a status epilepticus. During pregnancy period, the use of strict indications is permissible, when the medical care benefit for the mother exceeds the risk to the fetus.

When adults have ataxia, dizziness, weight gain, drowsiness, and children have drowsiness and hostility side effects, it is necessary to stop treatment. During treatment, refrain from transport management.

Supplements and Medication for Right Treatment Solution

Stress and anxiety are inevitable; it is the same type of complex reaction of the nervous system to conflicts. Common emotions turn into irritability and fear, which can become the culprit for the exhaustion emergence of the adaptive defense system, the endocrine, and immune system disruption.

What exactly causes anxiety disorders?

It can be simple temporary experiences or hidden diseases; even a specialist cannot understand it at the first onset. Constant anxiety disorder without treatment can become the norm, after that you will have to take complex measures for cure anxiety panic attacks. The cause may be serious mental natural anxiety disorders, which at the moment are secretive – schizophrenia or manic disorder.

Another cause is depression; it can go unnoticed. Stress anxiety can be a symptom of an abnormal functioning of the autonomic nervous system. It will be causeless, there is an incomprehensible sense of excitement, although there is no source for this. The prescription anxiety medications can help to get rid of all this. Before the treatment beginning, a complete doctor appointment is conducted, and when you have a diagnosis, you can begin taking medications. It is worthwhile to understand that not all causes and diseases are listed above, there are many other problems with the nervous system.

Sedative anti anxiety supplements and tablets without prescriptions

Under this concept most often combine over the counter anxiety medication drugs which are made from medicinal herbs. This type of medicine is the simplest and has no side effects and contraindications (if you follow the instructions). But at the same time, to achieve a significant effect, you will have to go through a long course, avoiding breaks.

Anti Anxiety Medications

Many anti anxiety drugs are available at pharmacies at different prices, one of the most popular is valerian. It is the main active substance in the medicine. Another equally popular solution – is the motherwort. In medical practice, it is used in the same way as valerian, and the differences can be an indirect effect on a person. Before taking, it is necessary to read the contraindications list. With a minor anxiety, you can start taking these medications, but it’s better to consult a doctor before that. Choose the complex treatment which is explicitly created for fear, because it has a more significant impact. During the reception, the response may decrease, which means that you need to be careful while driving or doing other activities requiring increased motor skills. It is better to exclude driving for a while. This anxiety medicines type can correctly stop the initial stress stage, reduce anxiety, fear. Treatment reception lasts about a month. During this time usually comes an improvement, but if the therapeutic effect does not occur, you need to call a doctor for a specific diagnosis and therapy.

There are several types of drugs that are prescribed to combat panic attacks:


They minimize and treat your anxiety and emotional tension, normalize palpitations, sweating. You have to take medications for anxiety episodically – when you are feeling the panic attack forthcoming. The negative side effects of many tranquilizers are that they can be addictive, which leads to withdrawal of the drug. It is for this reason tranquilizers therapy usually last only a couple of weeks. Also, there are attention concentration violations, and the reaction rate is reduced.


Taking antidepressants helps to cope with emotional instability and excitability. Such type of medications improve sleep, mood, minimize stress. But there are possible complicating moments, manifested in the form of the gastrointestinal tract, headaches, lethargy, dizziness, insomnia violations.Taking medications starts with small doses, gradually increasing the dosage. The same happens, and cancellation: the prescription of antidepressants decreases gradually. The course of treatment is from six months to a year.


The drugs divided into so-called large, small neuroleptics – are often used to treat panic attacks.

Nootropic drugs

The drugs purpose is to normalize and improve the brain functioning. Nootropic is appointed to combat disorder in conjunction with other drugs.

Sedative medications are the supplements for anxiety treatment

Sedative drugs are the least dangerous because are not addictive, but help to fight against panic attacks. The vitamin and mineral complexes, enzyme, metabolic adaptogenic, vascular preparations can be prescribed. Sedative drugs are the general body strengthening and increasing its protective mechanisms.

Positive attitude as an essential part of treatment

Many people use only pills, but not single pills can help to cure a severe illness. The integrated approach is the only way to throw the problem out of your life permanently. To provide psychological assistance independently, it is quite difficult. Therefore, you need to contact a good psychotherapist.

Psychotherapist’s help
The professional who knows how to treat psychological disorders will help you find the right solution. The doctor will be able to not only choose the right treatment but to stop it on time if there are no positive changes. Assistance will be provided in the interviews form and anxiety cure methods influence. So-called behavioral therapy will be conducted, which will allow stopping fearing certain situations by suggesting its insignificance. Serious problems therapy: social phobia or VVD passes with the use of modern substances. And even this approach takes a long time to heal. The therapist will monitor your condition and the cure dynamics – the anxiety trigger turns out.


To avoid recurrence and anxiety disease relapse after treatment, it is necessary to adhere to prevention. It may include a cyclical intake of weak sedatives and the life management which does not give fear thought. Using herbs and other fortifying substances is possible. It is necessary to carry out regular doctors consultation, for the nervous, autonomic systems, since people do not pay proper attention to it. Do not take self-medication and take pills without consulting your doctor. An exception will be only preventive medicines. If you want to beat the disease with lightning speed, then a comprehensive treatment will help you do it. The drugs have side effects and contraindications, do not get a recipe, in any situation, rely on them.

Health Anxiety or Hypochondria

Many people occasionally treat their health with extra care and have worries about it, and feeling of concern usually goes away by itself. Health anxiety, also known as hypochondria is a state of mental health, in which individuals experience excessive worry about their physical condition. Hypochondria is usually diagnosed in the context of other concomitant diseases. In most cases, people with health anxiety have obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and spectrum of other mental diseases. Patients who suffer from severe anxiety disorder tend to have a hyperbolic fear of getting ill. Some of them acquire somatic disorders. They claim to have various physical symptoms like chest pain, inexplicable head- or stomachaches etc. with no actual underlying reason for that. Ordinary harmless symptoms are attributed to serious or incurable diseases like cancer, brain tumor, AIDS, aneurysms, neurological conditions and so on. Hypochondriacs are obsessively concerned with an idea that they have the worst possible disease, blowing up existing symptoms. Particular symptoms develop right in the face of stress. They are not likely to witness a physical disorder. The more person is preoccupied, the worse get ‘illness’ manifestations: patient constantly complains about swelling, rashes, dizziness, palpitations and other physical sensations, which seem horrific to them and bring on a vicious circle of panic and anxiety . People suffering from health anxiety need a professional help. Usually, it takes time for them to realize they have a disease, victims of this mental disease can develop strong resistance to acknowledging the fact they are ill.

Hypochondria can be suspected if individuals:

-examine and diagnose themselves on a regular basis;

-have thoughts of possible illnesses that are dominant and obsessive;

-dwell on the worst outcome of a disease;

-experience disbelief over diagnosis from the doctor;

-constantly need reassurance that they are fine;

-make appointments too frequently or avoid examination to avoid any situations, which can strengthen concerns;

-have troubles with sleep or suffer insomnia;

-concentrate on body signals;

-watch medical TV shows or on the contrary, avoid any medical information;

-take not prescribed drugs;

-annoy friends and relative with ongoing complaints about health, seeking reassurance from doctors;

-making diseases and illnesses the main conversation topic

If aforementioned signs have happened repeatedly, it may reasonable to consult a specialist. Anxiety can be utterly distressing and negatively affect life. What is more, excessive illness fear can cause stress attacks and panic disorders. Therefore, it is dangerous to take no notice of these signs.

Reasons why you may become a hypochondriac

There are numerous underlying reasons that could be causing your anxiety and worries:

-media and society are a huge influencing factor that makes people believe they are ill;.

-“catastrophic” perception plays a large part in detecting imaginary health issues;

-in addition, people may also be extra worried if they experienced a serious disease in childhood;

-you have a loved one who is or was ill;

-it can be a manifestation of another mental disease

-hypochondria can be contagious: if you communicate with someone who suffers from it, you can get affected.

Means for overcoming health anxiety

Hypochondria should be taken seriously. Once diagnosed with health anxiety disorder it is vital that you follow doctor’s recommendations. In case patient disregards treatment, complications may occur: this disease can lead to problems in social life, depression, panic attacks, feeling upset or getting aggressive.

The first step to healing the illness is to realize the problem. Mental health treatment system is complex and includes three aspects: self-help methods, professional assistance and medication. Cognitive behavioral therapy CBT is considered to be the most effective treatment method for anxiety. During CBT course a therapist will help you to identify patient’s cognition and coping problems patterns. Therapy will help you manage anxiety, overcome fears correcting irrational thoughts and changing your unhealthy behavior. CTB can also encourage more realistic view on your fears. The patient will start thinking differently and learn how to challenge preoccupation. The major concept behind CBT cognitive behavioral therapy is that our thinking reflects on physical sensations and on the way we behave.

In some cases, medication can be helpful in hypochondria treatment. However, prescription drugs involve some risks. After doctor determines that necessity of taking medication outweighs potential hazards, they may prescribe benzodiazepines, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs or beta-blockers.

Benzodiazepines are sedative drugs.They relax your mind and muscles by increasing a balance of specific chemicals in the brain, named neurotransmitters, which are responsible for exchanging information among brain cells. Because of side effects such as fatigue and drowsiness, these medicaments are typically used for anxiety treatment within a short period.

Antidepressants also affect brain chemicals. They enhance mood and bringing relief from obsessive thoughts. Types of antidepressants include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs, tricyclics and monoamine oxidase inhibitors MAOIs. SSRIs increase serotonin balance, what strongly elevates mood, appetite, memory and removes problems with sleep. MAOIs are very efficient in anxiety treatment along with panic attacks and specific phobias. This medicine type comes with a range of restrictions. Beta-blockers help to decrease stress symptoms and block anxiety feelings but medication should be combined with another method of treatment. Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, changes in weight, sexual dysfunction, weakness, dry mouth, blurred vision, drowsiness, constipation. Exceeding dosage or abrupt termination medication treatment may result in seizures. Adhere to prescription dosage to avoid unpleasant consequences.

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Get Rid of Anxiety Related Chest Pain

Anxiety is a normal response of our body to atypical or troubling events. Brain sends an ‘alarm’ signal, immobilizing strenghs and getting ready for an action. It is typical to feel anxious before an important exam, job interview, date or in the situation, which we assess as a dangerous one. Level of stress hormones sharply increases and normally stabilizes when a danger has passed. It is named ‘fight and flight’ response system. However, a great number of people all over the world experience psychological distress in common everyday situations and rather in a frequent manner. Elevated reaction to insignificant irritants is one of the psychological symptoms of anxiety diorder. This mental illness is characterized by heightened unrealistic worry about what is about to happen or can happen in the future. People who have anxiety disorder usually feel uneasy, concerned or fearful and tend to strong exaggeration of problems. They dwell upon negative questions thus much that this becomes a pureobssession. Anxiety and stress are horribly exhausting in most cases. What makes it even worse, chronic psychological discomfort can be aggravated by acute anxiety and panic onsets. These are abrupt seizers of unreasonable worry and dread. Unwarranted panic attack can cause a feeling of pervasive fear of dying, losing control or going crazy. Concomitant physical symptoms of an anxiety attack are dizziness, shortness of breath, choking or feeling of ‘knot’ on the throat, muscle tension or weakness, sweating, abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting and trembling. Another common anxiety symptom is chest pain. Frequently it becomes an issue of concern because of possible cardiac problems or heart attacks. As compared to another physical sensations during an attack or chronic stress, experiencing chest tightness and pain associated with critic health condition makes it the scariest manifestation of panic. No less intimidating are palpitations and increased heart rate.

Chest pain can be described as shooting or acute aching that emerges all out of sudden; persistent pain or pressure; burning, dull or numb ache; severe muscle cramp or spasmodic sensation; tension or tightness sensations in the chest; periodic stabbing pain.

Once you notice any display of chest pain symptoms, it’s critical to visit a doctor for evaluation. In order to eliminate serious cardiac problems, you will have your body fully examined. Both cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders are curable, that’s why never ignore these manifestations to deal them efficiently.

Anxiety chest pain or heart conditions?

Although reasons for discomfort in the chest are different, symptoms are quite similar, and it is essential to distinguish anxiety induced chest pain from other cardiac events. Anxiety can cause not only emotional but also physiological changes in a whole body, which intensify ability to deal with threatening conditions and make decisions. Level of hormone adrenaline increases making our heart race. When you get stressed, organism sets off a response, which brings on muscle tension. Hypertension in the body along with emotional overload can stimulate effects like chest pain or pressure. Emotional distress can turn you utterly upset, depressive, aggressive or frustrated. Chest pain accompanies other anxiety symptoms or nervousness episodes and usually appears during panic seizures, yet it can occur independently. Feeling dizzy, tingling sensations and tachycardia accompany experiencing chest pain. Those who suffer from anxiety describe the pain as sharp, intense or stabbing that lasts a few seconds. Stress can still cause persistent or frequent pulsating ache coming in waves. On the contrary, heart attack threat is preceded by constant aching induced by exertion. It is most likely to travel all over the chest and affect other parts of the body, for instance, back, arms, jaws. While stress related tightness and pain may develop when undistracted or at rest, heart stroke pains occur when a person is active. In case cardiac problems are assumed, immediately call an emergency service for further examination.

How to cope stress and anxiety symptoms?

If all tests for physical problems turned out negative, most probably that reason for aches lies deeper. Some people hardly believe that their mind can induce chest pain and other negative stress effects. But if no physiological cause of aching is present, the genuine feeling could be triggered by the stress response. Psychosomatic reasons for unpleasant body reactions require an in-depth examination of the problem by a psychiatrist or physicist who will ensure adequate treatment. Those who experience chest pain should learn basic anxiety control techniques combined with appropriate treatment. Panic seizures occur rarely with the same frequency. If these symptoms of stress disorder come and go not that often, body recovers and aching subsides. Should attacks bring about negative effects more and more regularly or pick up the intensity, the organism might lack resources for recovery. When people get rid of ongoing stress and panic, discomfort in chest fades. Remaining in the hyperstimulated state will take much more time to cope physical stress symptoms.

Anxiety disorder management comprises three aspects for successful treatment: self-help methods, cognitive behavioral therapy and taking medication. People can work out their own strategies using renowned remedies to deal with anxiety. The main purpose is learning how to calm yourself down that will bring an end to panic onset and remove symptoms including chest tension. When you need a starting point to cope with stress disorder, these remedies can be really helpful and effective:

1) Use deep breathing techniques for ventilation of lungs. This is a remedy of proven efficacy, which helps to calm the nerves. When you realize that panic sets about, try to take your breathing under control: sit down with a straight back, close your eyes and take a slow deep breath for 4-5 seconds. Hold a breath and count to 7, finally, exhale for a count of 8; repeat it over and over again until heart rate decreases.

2) Control your thoughts and distract from the very experience. If you know everything is okay with your heart, do not permit yourself to become panic-stricken by out-of-control thoughts. Trace the sources of what you are dreading and put that into perspective: do not focus on physical symptoms and chest aching.

3) Change your environment: take a stroll, make a cup of tea and you will see the pain lessens. Look for some ways to relax and take a rest.

If you are suffering from severely unpleasant effects of non-stop stress, consider visiting a qualified specialist. Rapid heartbeat, palpitations, and aching are a potential risk for your health, therefore delaying a visit to a doctor can bring on dangerous consequences. Therapy and counseling have helped thousands of patients to fight off panic. In many instances, a therapist might prescribe a specific medication. The most commonly administered types of medicine for managing anxiety syndrome are anxiolytics, antidepressants, and beta-blockers. Prescription medicaments affect brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters such as gamma aminobutyric acid, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Imbalance of these substances in the brain can develop anxious feelings and thoughts. Antidepressants relieve mental symptoms increasing the level of chemicals and if combined with cognitive behavioral therapy treatments brings long-lasting results in coping stress disorders.

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Propranolol for anxiety

Vegetative-vascular dystonia can make significant adjustments in human life. The panic attacks emergence, which is characteristic of the disease, interfere ordinary persons life way. A patient with a vegetative-vascular dystonia diagnosis is forced to use special medications which relieve anxiety attacks. Specialists often prescribe Propranolol tablets to suppress the VVD anxiety symptoms. Prescribed Propranolol can control the panic attacks and relieve VVD symptoms.

Propranolol Medication Description

Anxiety Propranolol is beta blockers drugs group which is used for suppressing panic attacks. Due to low cost, efficient withdrawal of VVD symptoms, rapid relief of seizures the medication has gained wide popularity among psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and patients.
Pharmacological properties
Anxiety medication Propranolol block all beta-adrenergic receptors in the human body to suppress the panic attacks which arise because of fear and, as a consequence, increase the level of adrenaline. The medication helps to reduce the body’s reaction to a sudden release of this hormone, which helps reduce the high blood pressure, maintain optimal blood pressure and eliminate tachycardia.

Indications for use

The drug is widely used not only in psychiatry, but also in neurology, endocrinology, and cardiology. It can cope with the following symptoms:

  • alcohol abstinence;
  • prevention of a migraine;
  • an essential tremor (idiopathic tremor) – movement disorder;
  • supraventricular tachycardia;
  • angina pectoris;
  • increased anxiety;
  • sinus tachycardia;
  • ventricular and supraventricular extrasystole;
  • atrial fibrillation;
  • unstable angina;
  • arterial hypertension.

A person without medical education may not understand why the above indications do not have panic attacks. The fact is that Propranolol is prescribed for the removal of a expressed VVD symptomatology, including unreasonable fear. The medication is aimed to stop and control the organic manifestations that arise in the patient in the onset of a panic attack. They are manifested in sudden anxiety and panic, increased heart rate, increased pressure.

Contraindications and overdose

Before using the medication, it is worth to read the drug’s instructions. Often a person who has felt the positive effect repurchases it and does not think about the consequences that can arise after applying specific factors. Many people get acquainted with the drug through the ambulance. After they found out the “magic” pill, a person rushes to the pharmacy and buy it, but forgets to read the tablets instruction. Such attitude to own health is strictly not recommended. All medications from the beta-blockers group should be prescribed only by a qualified specialist. Among them is Propranolol, which contains the following contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to propranolol;
  • acute heart failure;
  • sinus node weakness syndrome;
  • chronic heart failure 2B-3 stage;
  • arterial hypotension;
  • bradycardia;
  • cardiogenic shock;
  • sinoatrial blockade;
  • AV-blockade of 2 and 3 degrees.


Start taking the medication only when a panic attack occurs. For the daily therapeutic treat and prevent it does not fit. Its task is to remove the manifestations of an attack in a few minutes. Use Propranolol for anti-anxiety propose when it appears immediately. The usage is recommended not for attack premonition. A suitable dosage is not exceeding 1-2 tablets at the attack time.

Exist the recommended ways of taking the propranolol: take one tablet on the area under the tongue. The main thing is to monitor the pulse and not swallow the medicine together with saliva; it is necessary to keep the drug in the mouth before the first signs of investment. Next, the pill should be spat with saliva and rinse the oral cavity well.

 Patients reviews

Reviews about the use of anti anxiety medication are resonant:

  • helps to reduce the purity and strength of heartbeats;
  • effectively reduces blood pressure, which increases during a panic attack;
  • helps to get rid of unreasonable fear;
  • coping with a panic attack in a few minutes;
  • efficacy and low cost of the drug.

Worth seeing: Reviews during panic attacks

But among the patients, there are also those who remained dissatisfied with the taking Propranolol for various reasons. Most believe that the drug is the strongest dependence, with which will cope pretty hard. In addition to psychological moments, the following side effects are noted:

  • increased sweating;
  • disturbance in the heart rhythm work;
  • a sharp pressure decrease;
  • inability to use the hypotonic form of an AVI;
  • sometimes skin rash appears after applying the medication.

You can buy Propranolol online without prescription, but before you do it ask your doctor and receive a qualified medical consultation. Experts believe that when taking anxiety medication Propranolol agreed with a doctor, the emergence of adverse symptoms is of low probability. Most often, negative moments and even an overdose occur after self-therapy.

Atarax for anxiety attacks and disorders

Atarax Hydroxyzine is a combination drug. It promotes relaxation and eliminates anxiety, but at another point, you may not only treat anxiety disorder with Atarax it is also a Hydroxyzine antihistamine (inhibits allergic reactions) medication. Hydroxyzine Atarax is most convenient for use by persons who are simultaneously suffering from nervous system disorders, anxiety attacks and chronic allergic diseases: neurodermatitis, bronchial asthma, and others. It is an anxiolytic or tranquilizer. Anxiety medications promote relaxation from emotional stress, removes fear, can control anxiety attacks and unfounded excitement, affects the brain favorably. It affects the subcortical layers of the brain which simultaneously provokes a relaxing effect on the musculature and is soothing to the nervous system. It removes musculature and internal organs tension. For bronchi it is a bronchodilator, as well as for blood vessels – is an antispasmodic. Internal organs relaxation and reduce the pain. Atarax or Hydroxyzine is also an antihistamine drug which stops the histamine production, a component which gives impetus to all allergy attacks in the body. Prescribed Hydroxyzine reduces skin diseases: dermatitis, eczema, nettle-rash. Also, the drug slightly reduces the amount of gastric juice produced and suppresses vomiting. The medication for anxiety treatment does not suppress the patient’s mental abilities. Сontrariwise the ability to memorize information and to concentrate increases.

Hydroxyzine for anxiety attack does not cause the drug addiction or dependence on it. After consumption, the active ingredient enters the brain tissue in a short period, as well as in the fetal tissue and blood (if a pregnant woman takes it). A sedative effect occurs after thirty minutes and an antihistamine effect after one hour. The drug is processed in the liver. Before buying Atarax online without prescription, consult a specialist and get professional medical advice.

Instruction for taking Atarax medications

For adult patients the drug is given in the pills form:

To relieve anxiety, 25-100 milligrams per day, divided into one or four doses. The average Atarax prescription dosage is fifty milligrams per day (divided into three parts: 12.5 milligrams each morning and lunch and 25 milligrams before bedtime). If the medications take a patient with a serious condition psychiatric illness with anxiety panic attacks – three hundred milligrams per day are prescribed. Most often, the duration of taking the drug is one month. To remove severe anxiety attack take pill: the first dose of 25 milligrams, which can be raised to 100 milligrams per day (divided into four methods). At one time, you can take as much as two hundred milligrams, and per day three hundred milligrams of Atarax.

For children the medication is prescribed depending on body weight and age:

Babies from one to six years take 1 – 2.5 milligrams per kilogram of weight per day, divided into several doses. Patients from the age of six to 1 – 2 mg per kilogram of weight per day, divided into several doses.

Use in the injections form if an urgent action of the drug is necessary, a liquid for injections is prescribed, which is poured deeply into the muscle.

As a premedication component, the drug is used for fifty to two hundred mg (1.5 to 2.5 mg per kilogram of body weight) 60 minutes before the beginning of the surgical procedure. Children dosage for premedication is1 mg per kilogram of weight, 60 minutes before the intervention, as well as to improve sleep. Before buying and taking these meds without prescription online, consult a specialist.

Atarax may have some effect on the reaction rate and the concentrating ability. It is necessary to know before starting treatment anxiety attks for patients who work in transport, with dangerous equipment. You can not drink alcohol during the treatment period with this drug. In case of an overdose, the following Atarax side effects are possible: nausea and vomiting, disturbance of the heart rhythm, a change in mental activity, a sharp drop in blood pressure, in some cases, limb muscle tremors, disorientation in space and convulsions.

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Buy Zoloft Online with free shipping

Buy online Zoloft for anxiety and depression disorders. It is an effective medicament, mainly if it is used with therapy; it has a stimulating, sedative effect. The medicine and therapy combination is considered the best for treating depression, accompanied by inhibition, hypersomnia, apathy, anguish, anxious depression, anxiety, bad sleep, irritability. It suppresses anxious, phobic components, melancholy quickly. At the therapy beginning, it can intensify the anxiety manifestations, which sometimes demandrs the tranquilizers appointment. If Zoloft for depression and anxiety disorders work in concert with cognitive behavior therapy – the combination gives excellent outcome for obsessive compulsive disorder OCD treatment.

Zoloft (active ingredient sertraline) is a drug which helps to regulate the person nervous system. You can order online the medicaments without prescription but do not forget to consult your doctor. We do not recommend buying Zoloft without consulting a doctor. The drug is available in the tablets dosage form with a white shell; tablets are available in various measuring – 50 mg and 10 mg. It is placed in a 14 pieces blister, which in turn is set in a cardboard pack. One box contains 1-2 blisters.

Pharmacological profile

The main active ingredient is a strong antidepressant – sertraline which has a specific inhibitory effect on the serotonin reuptake process. Serotonin – is a neuro dominant which facilitates the motor activity process and plays an essential role in the pituitary gland and vascular tone hormonal function regulation mechanisms; dDuring the process, there is little effect on the dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake. The therapeutic dosages of Zoloft sertraline, serotonin capture blockage in the thrombocytes occurs. The Zoloft does not have a stimulating, sedative, anticholinergic effect; during admission, it does not increase adrenergic activity. Prescribed Zoloft Sertraline does not cause drug dependence, weight gain, and other unpleasant consequences. The tablets have a high but fairly slow absorption. Increased bioavailability is observed simultaneously with eating. It follows that food can increase maximum absorption, but lower the therapeutic effect. The binding of the active component to proteins occurs by 98%. The medication is withdrawn through urine and feces.

The medical elements which are part of Zoloft:

  • sertraline in the form of hydrochloride at 50 mg and 100 mg – the primary active substance;
  • calcium phosphate;
  • cellulose of microcrystalline type;
  • hydroxypropyl cellulose;
  • sodium starch glycolate;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • polyethylene glycol;
  • polysorbates;
  • titanium dioxide (E171).

Most people who take Zoloft for anxiety and panic disorders report a considerable amelioration of mental features: sadness, loss of interest in life, a sense of hopelessness. The antidepressant may not show the significant results for the first three weeks after the admission beginning. If the depression symptoms do not diminish after three weeks, consult your doctor. You may change the medicine dosage. It is a normal practice: if you are taking the disorder social anxiety drugs for the first time do not worry because usually, it neеds a time while the medicine is taking effect. Taking into account different specific features of a patient’s organism may need to wait another three months to assess the medication effectiveness properly.

The treatment course with Zoloft lasts no longer than a year. Do not refuse to take the medication until you have completed the entire course. If it becomes difficult for you to fall asleep, ask the attending physician to develop a suitable scheme; you can start taking Zoloft every day at breakfast.

Zoloft may cause side effects. Do not hesitate to tell the doctor about the side effects. Iif you take Zoloft medicine with food, you may feel sick. In some cases, tablets may cause sexual side effects problems. If you have troubles with falling asleep, take medicine two hours before bedtime or in the morning. Usually, the side effects vanish after a few weeks of treatment which start.

The new generation of the antidepressants have fewer side effects, hardly react with other medications. If you are taking any tablets or dietary supplements along with an antidepressant you have to tell your doctor about this.

Myths about antidepressant medication

Some patients are confident that treatment with antidepressants will turn them into robots. The drugs only reduce the sorrow feeling, while the other intense emotions do not vanish. Others think that they will “sit” on antidepressants for life. The usual duration of treatment antidepressants course is from six to twelve months. Medical researchers have proved that usage medicaments for depression treatment do not cause physical addiction.

Depression and exercise

Physical exercises trigger the production of vast amounts of natural endorphins which improve mood and reduce depression. Clinical studies have proven that the regular exercises sessions with the medicaments usage are the best mental treatment for mild, moderate depression condition. And the best exercises were those that are performed in a group or with a partner.

Zoloft Indications for taking the drug:

  • Social phobia ( social anxiety disorder );
  • OCD panic disorder ( obsessive compulsive disorder );
  • PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder );
  • Episodic paroxysmal anxiety ( panic disorder );
  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder PMDD;
  • Depressive states of various etiologies ( prevention and therapy );
  • During various forms of depressive states;
  • During panic attacks;

The drug should not be taken under the following conditions and indications:

  • the patients with the increased sensitivity, an individual intolerance to the active sertraline component and other constituent drug components;
  • it can not be taken concomitantly with MAO inhibitors and pimozide;
  • it is contraindicated for children under the age of 6;
  • forbidden intake during breastfeeding;
  • it is unacceptable to take medicaments during pregnancy.

Reviews for Zoloft

Reviews about Zoloft show that this drug is often used for various phobias treatment, depressions, and other nervous system disorders. In most reviews, users notice he Zoloft effectiveness – sleep and psychological state normalization, but its effect can manifest itself slowly sufficiently. Exist an information about the side effects development in insomnia or severe drowsiness form during the mental medication. In addition, some users report the development of diseases affecting the liver and kidneys functioning. According to doctors, Zoloft is a highly effective drug that improves the nervous system. At the same time, it must be taken into account that the mental medication with the drugs has to be being carried out under strict dosage control and only under the specialist supervision.